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I think we're finally getting to the point where we're able to identify recurring criticisms of ExtremeProgramming, some more valid than others.

This category will be used to organize pages concerned with critiques of XP, and their rebuttals if appropriate.


It would be great if we could collect some essays or position statements by various people. An example would be DougRosenberg's position.

Although there is a lot of anti-XP sentiment in some circles, let's try to hold these pages to the ideal of PeerReview. The idea is not to bash XP, but to explore it and ultimately benefit the community by nitpicking it.

A common failing in ExtremeProgramming projects is the often inappropriately large FocusOnCode - most IT projects are actually a small part of some larger business project. XP tends to attract people who have little or no interest in understanding business problems. This is not VanillaXp as practied ByTheBook but a side-effect of the kinds of people XP seems to attract

-- JasonGorman

See also: XpIsForBadPlanners, DesignApproachTina (competitor to Xp), ExtremeProgrammingRefactored
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