Companies Doing Xp

Fortune Enterprises using XP (companies whose main business isn't technology):

Consulting firms and software vendors using XP: (we are in china). See also:
I removed my company from the list because what we do is a cruel mockery of XP, if that. PleaseExplain?! :-)

Don't see page under "Projects Looking for XP People," because that page is empty and no longer being updated.

See XpHelpWanted for more detailed postings. (...and it does not seem to overlap with this list.)

See also JobListingServices.

Any agile (or other) methodologies people use with DotNet? Where to look for more info? The above list only tells me at some point in time (in the past?) some teams were doing Xp. Is it possible to point me to a webpage where there are a flow of ongoing reports (via other web links) of Xp implementation stories? -- DavidLiu DeleteWhenCooked

See also GreatFailureOfXp

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