Extreme Programming Implementation Issues

As a result of our ongoing field research (AlejandroGoyen ArielErlijman) we have found a series of XP implementation issues that repeateadly appear on discussion groups such as Wiki and EGroups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/extremeprogramming).

Here are links to pages open for discussion. If you have any links/references to information related to each issue and/or its possible solutions, feel free to add them.

  1. ExtremeProgrammingWithLegacyCode : XP implementation issues in legacy code/systems
  2. ExtremeProgrammingTestingPrivateMethods : Should private methods be unit tested? If so, how?
  3. ExtremeProgrammingPracticeAdoptionOrder : Defining an optimal order in adopting XP practices
  4. ExtremeProgrammingTestingGuiIntensiveApps : Testing GUI-intensive applications
  5. ExtremeProgrammingSpareTime : What to do as an XP programmer when you're done with your engineering tasks
  6. ExtremeProgrammingUnitTestingApproach : Test-Code-Refactor Strategies (nested, serialized, etc.)
  7. ExtremeProgrammingChallengeTwenty : Defining priority between fixing bugs or implementing stories
  8. ExtremeProgrammingMetaphorVsArchitecture: Is the metaphor a valid substitute for System Architecture?
  9. ExtremeProgrammingSimplicityDefinition: What does "simplicity" mean from an XP standpoint?
  10. ExtremeProgrammingChallengeTwentyOne: Keeping user documentation in sync as application develops
  11. ExtremeProgrammingChallengeOne: Is XP applicable to all software development projects, including compilers and embedded systems?
  12. ExtremeProgrammingDependencyManagement: Should we track dependencies between logical/physical components?
  13. HundredPersonProject: Can XP scale to large development projects?
  14. ExtremeProgrammingChallengeNine: Is XP applicable to projects that require formal documentation?
  15. ExtremeProgrammingMultipleVoices: How to deal with multiple client "voices"
  16. ExtremeProgrammingSourceCodeCollision: Are tools the solution to avoid source code editing collision?
  17. ExtremeProgrammingStoryDependencyManagement: Should we track dependencies between stories?
  18. ExtremeProgrammingInDistributedEnvironments: Is XP applicable when team members are geographically separated from each other?
  19. ExtremeProgrammingProjectVelocity: How should Project Velocity be calculated for the first iteration?
  20. ExtremeProgrammingContinuousIntegrationIssues: How to integrate continuously if the build process takes hours or even days?
  21. ExtremeProgrammingOpenWorkingAreas: Some developers cannot concentrate in open work areas, and prefer quiet rooms.
  22. ExtremeProgrammingPairStrategies: How should pairs be formed in XP?
  23. ExtremeProgrammingUnitTestCode?: Should UnitTest source code be treated with the same importance as production code, or should it be treated as "second-class" code?
  24. ExtremeProgrammingRoleCompatibility: How should XP roles be distributed in small teams?
  25. DevelopersAreMasochists: Sometimes we seem to enjoy the rocky path.

AdoptingXpPatternLanguage: A catalogue of approaches to take for getting an organization to transition to XP.
As of 3/15/2001, we've opened a discussion group at EGroups for spanish-speaking people: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xpspanish
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