Manfred Lange

"Plain and simple solutions for better software!" This is my mission statement. I strongly believe that ExtremeProgramming contributes significantly to this goal.

Currently, I am working for Peace Software as a Program Manager. I am responsible for introducing an agile approach into R&D. Given the size of the application and the development team (approximately 150 engineers), this is challenging but also very rewarding work. I love it!

I also run the csUnit web site at The csUnit testing framework, which is available there, has been downloaded thousands of times thus becoming an established player for unit testing for the .NET framework.

I am married and we have three boys (Philipp born in 1996, Robin born in 1998, Yannick born in 2003). We live in a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand. Very multi-cultural!

More information about myself can be found at This site includes contact details.

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