Thoughtful Reactions To Xp

After reading the recently released XP book and reviewing many of the Wiki ExtremeProgramming pages here are our comments:

What we agree with

What we are unsure about What we disagree with -- SuvajitGupta & AliPashaei

with Sagavista R&D team, SAGA Software Inc.:

Fabulous! Thank you so much for the thoughtful response. There is so much here I can't think of how to begin responding, if a response is expected. Let's try starting a page when we discuss one of the "disagree with"s. -- KentBeck

Yes we would like a response. Actually we would like to start a dialog. We are trying to implement some XP practices, but have concerns. -- SuvajitGupta & AliPashaei

Response Links: TravelLight, ThoughtfulReactionsPairProgramming, ThoughtfulReactionsUnitTests, ThoughtfulResponseCollectiveCodeOwnership

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