The Three Extremos

The Fathers of eXtreme Programming

WardCunningham - the inventor

KentBeck - the articulator

RonJeffries - the realizer

Wow. Three is a wonderful number. So many possibilities. Three Musketeers, Three Stooges. Siggy Freud and Eric Berne's tripartite views of personality. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The list goes on and on. (and on.) (Sorry, but the very RuleOfThree you're citing compelled me to add that.)

I'm honored to be listed in the same breath with these giants of the field. And grateful for not being named "the ranter". -- RonJeffries

Presumably, the term "The Three Extremos" is a reference to a 1986 comedic film named "The Three Amigos," starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase. See for more information.

Indirectly. The ThreeAmigos was a reference and TheThreeExtremos is a reference to that.

inventor - LegislativeBranch?

articulator - JudicialBranch?

realizer - ExecutiveBranch?

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