Extreme Programming Master

An ExtremeProgrammingMaster adds value to the development process by removing that without.

... or those without ...

Who is the ExtremeProgrammingMaster? What does he want?
Kent is one, Ward is another. He wants to make your programming life better. See ExtremeProgrammingRoadmap.

 The ExtremeProgrammingMasters possess understanding
 So profound they can not be understood.
 Because they cannot be understood 
 I can only describe their appearance:

Cautious as one crossing thin ice, Undecided as one surrounded by danger, Modest as one who is a guest, Unbounded as melting ice, Genuine as unshaped wood, Broad as a valley, Seamless as muddy water.

Who stills the water that the mud may settle, Who seeks to stop that he may travel on, Who desires less than may transpire, Decays, but will not renew.

Lovely, but Cautious? Undecided? Modest? Deponent thinketh not.

Ah, but you are cautious; you don't rush to solution, but only do what you need right now. And you're undecided; you don't do AjiKeshi, but rely on empiricism to make your choice for you. You're modest; as TheCoach you try to demonstrate respect for others whenever you're able. No?

OK ... we'll rename it Wimp Programming. ;->;

(I like ZenProgramming better.)

In the future, I'll always think of you as "Seamless as muddy water" :-) --AlistairCockburn

Oh. I thought it was a misprint. I thought it was spozed to be 'Sings less than MuddyWaters?'. My bad. -- MichaelHill

See also: WikiMaster
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