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Note: This page assumes you have some familiarity with ExtremeProgramming and also WikiWiki. If you are brand new to XP and want to start with the basics, see the XpFaq. If you are brand new to WikiWiki and want to learn more, try Wiki's NewUserPages.

This site has captured several years of Extreme Programming discussion and evolution. Use this roadmap to find your way to the most important pages in a logical order. You can always download a snapshot of these pages: http://xp.c2.com/html.zip

Begin with some of the contextual overview pages:

The glossary entry, or a ShortDefinitionOfXp.

Before you get to the programming, you should do some ExtremePlanning. But don't get carried away with the concept. It isn't the right solution for everything. Also, KentBeck has sort of a checklist to help you know, AreYouDoingXp?

The DrivingMetaphor and OneHandOnTheYoke set out the paradigm.

Specific ExtremeProgramming practices:

Results in... Who's Who: Significant discussion and reference: Thoughtful inquiry and response: Applicability of ExtremeProgramming: Get Trained in XP: Explore the limits of XP: Misconceptions: Curiosa: Themes: Examples: XpConferences and talks: WikiWebs on XP: Other XP sites: Extreme Programming in the News: XpInTheNews Communities and User Groups: Companies and People

Specific practices that are *NOT* part of XP (some of which are not necessarily bad things):

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